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Representative wooden tables with a hallmark of originality
In the joinery workshop with more than twenty years of experience of the production of interior furniture there are created original representative tables from grown wood. Our products are made of high-quality solid wood, which however does not always have to be perfect. We prefer material with various defects – knots, fibre deflection, lumpiness and cracks allow us to create a unique and original product into which we can incorporate your company logo. The individual elements of the production are in a perfect harmony, resulting into an interesting and unique surface that has the hallmark of originality.

We produce furniture from solid wood of various kinds, ash, oak, maple, walnut tree, elm, acacia, spruce, or eventually exotic woods.

The tree trunks are first cut into planks using a band saw. We inspect each log thoroughly and select the appropriate cutting direction. The most valuable cuts are around the centre of the log, where you can find the so-called radial wood, which are in fact all annual rings of tree life. We leave the planks with wraps, just remove the bark and treat it with suitable insecticides.

Cutting the logs into planks is followed by placing the wood into the stripped stack in the open space, where the wood dries naturally. We usually try to hold wood from one log together. After some time, about 1-2 years, the wood is gently dried in a condensation dryer. Dimensional changes and deformations occur during the drying process, especially by artificial drying, which have a significant effect on the usability of the product. We try to avoid this negative wood properties already when processing lumber-logs into planks by cutting planks of greater thickness (70 - 90 mm), because we expect its loss during processing.

Dried wood with a water content of about 8% is ready for further processing. A casting mold of the required size is produced for each table, into which one-sided planed planks are inserted. Subsequently, the space between the planks is filled with epoxy resin. After hardening, the plates are machined on a CNC milling unit and a flat surface is created, which is further ground and polished.

There are many surface treatment technologies. Quite often we brush the surface to remove softer spring wood and thus increase the abrasion resistance of the surface and underline the natural appearance. The surface can also be left smooth. The customer can choose whether he prefers a more rustic appearance or continence. We also apply old surface treatment techniques (bleaching, singeing).

The last step is the final finishing of the surface with the selected paint and completion. The products are pickled to the desired tone, or they can only be treated with transparent oils and waxes. We use absorbent oils in combination with wax oils. The advantage of this solution is the local repairability of the surface in case of damage. We can also paint with polyurethane varnishes of different degrees of gloss.

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